Benjamin Woodruff bgw @facebook Redwood City, CA Currently working at Instagram.

bgw/NotVeryCleverBot 28

A Reddit bot that tries to automatically reply to people's comments.

bgw/pan-am 22

Simple CSS for Pandoc

bgw/bdw-ucode-update-tool 21

Intel i5-5675C, i7-5775C, and i7-5700HQ microcode updates extracted from MSI's UEFI updates, along with a tiny zero-dependency install script for Linux users.

bgw/ansible-playbooks 17

Custom Ansible playbooks for personal use

bgw/ansible-honeybadger 14

Because Honey Badger don't give a sh*t!

bgw/dotfiles 10

Custom "dotfiles" for personal use

bgw/Century 8

A Library to Help with Automating and Pulling Data from the Univerisity of Florida's (UF) Website

bgw/dash-button 7

Amazon Dash Button hacking tools for OpenWRT/dnsmasq

bgw/hyper-native-window-decoration 5

Native window decorations in HyperTerm

bgw/campagnol-debian 3

Debian packaging for Campagnol

issue commentdavidhalter/parso

Providing a built-in Cython Grammar

They already have a grammar that can be parsed by pgen2.

My understanding is that the grammar file is missing stuff. It hasn't had any significant changes made to it in 5 years. I think this is the parser they actually use.


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Benjamin Woodruff

commit sha 41daf769b3779e7b7ec39c5d4150aeafe89d0d42

[zsh] Remove keychain ssh wrapper

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Benjamin Woodruff

commit sha f78fda52bccd9a3cfa9013c09ba1a1165671d259

[zsh] Remove unused stuff from zsh/commands - I don't use virtualbox to manage Debian VMs anymore. When I need to do this, I use lxd and libvirt/kvm instead. - I don't use proot anymore. I use lxd instead. - I don't use the UF CISE shell servers anymore. - Remove sagemath stuff. - Remove evince wrapper for tmux.

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Benjamin Woodruff

commit sha 5492c42ea1ecff7b665beb709d40687e6a36e15e

[git] Reorder mailmap file for repo The first email in the list is the email shown in the git log.

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Benjamin Woodruff

commit sha 7b433f8de08607c0521338d2a5c666ceed26dd3a

[zsh] Update pure zsh prompt

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push eventbgw/dotfiles

Benjamin Woodruff

commit sha 1e4e0d94d9b445ea67eca23ae835afae451cc503

[bin] Delete old/unused scripts - pastie is a dead service - is a dead service - this ddg script is really outdated and I don't ever use it - the git-amend script was a hack

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Benjamin Woodruff

commit sha 862fc95e83c37719b71342b948a9cd7b6e12e2b1

[install] Check for .fonts before glob matching If `.fonts` doesn't exist, the glob match for Inconsolata inside of `.fonts` will cause an error.

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Benjamin Woodruff

commit sha 0e41cba0c767e8dfd0d544e15477b689a3203757

[tmux] Fix pane border styling with modern tmux This was a breaking change with newer releases of tmux. Older tmux releases support the new syntax too.

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Benjamin Woodruff

commit sha 81be2ddf3acdecf30e52c981db55c2868c4c2150

[git] Add .env to global gitignore I commonly use this for python venvs.

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