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Benjamin Woodruff bgw @facebook Redwood City, CA Currently working at Oculus. Formerly at Instagram.

bgw/NotVeryCleverBot 28

A Reddit bot that tries to automatically reply to people's comments.

bgw/pan-am 24

Simple CSS for Pandoc

bgw/bdw-ucode-update-tool 21

Intel i5-5675C, i7-5775C, and i7-5700HQ microcode updates extracted from MSI's UEFI updates, along with a tiny zero-dependency install script for Linux users.

bgw/ansible-playbooks 17

Custom Ansible playbooks for personal use

bgw/ansible-honeybadger 14

Because Honey Badger don't give a sh*t!

bgw/dotfiles 10

Custom "dotfiles" for personal use

bgw/Century 8

A Library to Help with Automating and Pulling Data from the Univerisity of Florida's (UF) Website

bgw/dash-button 7

Amazon Dash Button hacking tools for OpenWRT/dnsmasq

bgw/hyper-native-window-decoration 7

Native window decorations in HyperTerm

bgw/campagnol-debian 3

Debian packaging for Campagnol

created repositoryDragonMinded/vstetrisfreeplay

Free-play patches for Vs. Tetris that runs on a red tent or vs. dual system.

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release DynamicCodeSearch/COSAL


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fork sandersky/css-modules-flow-types

Creates flow type definitions from CSS Modules files using Webpack loader or CLI 👾

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created repositoryTDD-Drayton/


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fork aji/atheme-open-letter

An open letter from Atheme's developers and community

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created repositorynamecoin/metrics.namecoin.bit

Namecoin hashrate metrics data

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fork euank/dwarffs

A FUSE filesystem that allows tools like gdb to look up debug info files via HTTP

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fork bmcdorman/tfjs

A WebGL accelerated JavaScript library for training and deploying ML models.

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created repositoryeuank/carry-tea

A toy ray-tracer

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created repositoryTDD-Drayton/projectEuler

Just a record of the problems I've solved

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created repositorykipr/kipr-backend-client

A client for the KIPR API written in TypeScript. Supports REST and WebSocket.

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created repositorynixek-systems/api

The nixek systems api

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