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Do not try to start ex_json_schema

:pray: any chance we could get a 0.8.4 on for this fix?


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fork benwilson512/kitchensink

This will be renamed later on to proper repository name

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is there a way to disable the swagger "try it out" UX ?

a quick and dirty way to do this is to fork the lib and add a plugin to lib/phoenix_swagger/plug/swaggerui.ex:

   const DisableTryItOutPlugin = function() {
      return {
        statePlugins: {
          spec: {
            wrapSelectors: {
              allowTryItOutFor: () => () => false

then pop that into the plugins param in the SwaggerUiBundle object init


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PR opened xerions/phoenix_swagger

Misc doc changes

Besides other documentation changes, this commit ensures the generated HTML doc for will become the main source doc for this Elixir library which leverage on latest ExDoc features.

Screenshot: Screenshot-20210406211609-2682x1530

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