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azhi/BSUIR_labs 1

Repo for university labs

azhi/absinthe 0

The GraphQL toolkit for Elixir

azhi/absinthe-metrics 0

Pluggable metrics for Absinthe based GraphQL backends

azhi/APNS 0

An Apple Push Notification Service gem

azhi/arc_ecto 0

An integration with Arc and Ecto.

azhi/asdf-ruby 0

Ruby plugin for asdf version manager

azhi/awesome 0

awesome window manager

azhi/awesome-wm-widgets 0

Widgets for Awesome Window Manager


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fork forcewake/testing-playground

This is a playground web app built with wordpress. It is pre-populated with specific plugins, settings and data. The intention is to use this as a sandbox for software testing activities.

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fork forcewake/python-color-palette-generator

A Python based program, that can generate color palettes for a specified number of video frames and ultimately combine them into a final color palette group image.

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