awblocker/ipfp 13

R package wrapping a fast implementation of the iterative proportional fitting procedure in C

awblocker/cplate 7

Digestion template-based deconvolution for chromatin structure inference.

awblocker/networkTomography 6

R package for network tomography

awblocker/fastGHQuad 5

R package for fast, numerically-stable Gauss-Hermite quadrature

awblocker/glm 4

A lean, mean GLM-modeling machine in Python

awblocker/go-lm 3

Linear models in Go

awblocker/exif2kmz 2

A simple Python utility for converting photos with EXIF location tags into KMZ files with embedded images. An offline version of the mapping services provided by photo sites.

awblocker/rowavedt 2

Robust wavelet-based semi-parametric event detection.

awblocker/statsmodels 2

Statsmodels: statistical modeling and econometrics in Python