Adam Solove asolove Seattle, WA (for now) Building web UIs. Everything should be faster.

asolove/carto-crayon 39

Experiment using Om/ClojureScript to style geojson data (Note: very out of date)

asolove/backbone.validations 1

Declarative, HTML5 Attribute-Inspired Validations for Backbone

asolove/bibliotype 1

A base for longform tablet typography in HTML

asolove/cassowary-coffee 1

CoffeeScript port of the Cassowary linear constraint solver

asolove/collog 1

A collage community site

asolove/Contacts-Example 1

An example of using MVC architecture

asolove/cookie-node 1

signed cookie functionality for node.js

asolove/.emacs.d 0

Emacs config

asolove/amber 0

An implementation of the Smalltalk language that runs on top of the JS runtime

asolove/art-of-prolog 0

Examples and exercises from "The Art of Prolog"

issue commentdistributeaid/toolbox

Nearest local group

👋 I'm pondering trying this out, but no promises. One question:

Users must enter their country and postal code to search

Any objection to offering browser Geolocation as an option in addition?


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