armcburney/.dotfiles 5

:speech_balloon: emacs, zsh, hammerspoon and ruby scripts

armcburney/hs-hybrid 5

:apple: A Lua module providing system-wide emacs and vim keybindings for macOS

armcburney/conductor 3

:radio: Distributed job management system for registering workers, and scheduling jobs to execute on them

armcburney/dd-finagle 1

:dog: Finagle HTTP server, configured for DataDog tracing

armcburney/emerald 1

🚀 A whitespace-delimited, backend language-agnostic HTML5 templating engine

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:computer: My personal website

armcburney/bloom 0

:cherry_blossom: A chrome extension showcasing my father's nature and wildlife photography

armcburney/brew 0

🍺 The missing package manager for macOS

armcburney/calder 0

A library for sculpting and manipulating complex 3D structures for the web.

armcburney/calder-legacy 0

A library for safely constructing and integrating WebGL shaders

PR opened DataDog/documentation

[support] Update `group_state` description documentation to be more explicit.

What does this PR do?

[support] Update group_state description documentation


Be more explicit about what the function of the group_state parameter is to limit ambiguity.

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