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iaolo/iA-Fonts 2018

Free variable writing fonts from iA

iainc/iA-Writer-Templates 789

Preview, create PDFs, and print documents in your own style with templates in iA Writer.

iainc/Markdown-Content-Blocks 130

File transclusion syntax for Markdown.

antons/dyld-shared-cache-big-sur 119

Modifications to Apple's dyld project to fix Objective-C information when extracting dyld_shared_cache from macOS Big Sur to help Hopper generate readable pseudocode.

iainc/Titlecase 14

Modern Objective-C port of title case script by John Gruber and Aristotle Pagaltzis.

iainc/iA-Writer-Localization 11

iA Writer localization files.

antons/Cactus 0

Static site generator for designers. Uses Python and Django templates.

antons/Cactus-Plugins 0

My plugins for Cactus.

antons/cmark 0

GitHub's fork of cmark, a CommonMark parsing and rendering library and program in C

antons/FMDB 0

A Cocoa / Objective-C wrapper around SQLite

created repositoryoleganza/ristretto-musig2

MuSig2 implementation for ristretto255

created time in 18 hours


started time in a day

fork Abizern/ios-questions

Small projects for asking at Stackoverflow

fork in 2 days

created repositoryashfurrow/task-list-checker

created time in 2 days

release Mantle/Mantle


released time in 2 days

fork saagarjha/Clutch

Fast iOS executable dumper

fork in 2 days


started time in 3 days


started time in 3 days

created repositoryobjcio/S01E262-observed-objects

created time in 4 days


started time in 4 days

created repositoryobjcio/S01E261-views-and-nodes

created time in 4 days


started time in 4 days


started time in 4 days

fork Elland/pandoc

Universal markup converter

fork in 4 days

fork Elland/hakyll

A static website compiler library in Haskell

fork in 4 days

fork Elland/skylighting

A Haskell syntax highlighting library with tokenizers derived from KDE syntax highlighting descriptions

fork in 4 days

fork palmin/pcl

Point Cloud Library (PCL)

fork in 4 days

created repositoryElland/BatchProcessor

Example code for batch processing using async/await in Swift

created time in 5 days

fork saagarjha/gcc-darwin-arm64

[August 2020, created] Branches with work in progress on making an Arm64 Darwin port.

fork in 5 days


started time in 6 days

created repositoryobjcio/HtmlToSwim

created time in 6 days


started time in 6 days

fork Elland/nixkell

A simple Nix-Haskell skeleton

fork in 7 days


started time in 7 days


started time in 7 days


started time in 7 days

created repositorysteventroughtonsmith/CatalystServices

Exposing macOS Services through a Catalyst app

created time in 8 days


started time in 9 days


started time in 9 days

created repositoryobjcio/S01E258-asyncimage

created time in 9 days