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antew/elm-lsp 11

Language server linting support for Elm using elm-analyse

antew/RedditInPictures 9

An image browser for Reddit for Android 2.2+

antew/MultipleLayoutsInListView 7

Using multiple layouts in a ListView

antew/elm-performance-tools 2

Experimental tool for tracking Elm view performance

antew/AlertDialogUsage 1

Project demonstrating proper alert dialog usage with input validation on Android

antew/android_checkable_menus 1

Example of creating sub-menus and checkable menu items on Android

antew/elm-analyse 1

A tool that allows you to analyse your Elm code, identify deficiencies and apply best practices.

antew/elm-make-speed-tests 1

Docker setup for testing different compiler options with elm-make

antew/node-elm-compiler 1

A Node.js interface to the Elm compiler binaries.


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