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Ankit Raj Pandey anpandey {Kathmandu,Grinnell}

anpandey/boids-js 0

HTML5 boids (skewer-mode demo)

anpandey/DB-Android 0

Search the Grinnell College Campus Directory on Android!

anpandey/emacs.g 0

The Emacs Collective

anpandey/haskell-ide-engine 0

The engine for haskell ide-integration. Not an IDE

anpandey/https-everywhere 0

A browser extension that encrypts your communications with many websites that offer HTTPS but still allow unencrypted connections.

anpandey/org-java 0

Org mode files Java parser

anpandey/org-pdfview 0

org-link support for pdf-view-mode

anpandey/orgzly-android 0

Outliner for taking notes and managing to-do lists