Angus H. angusshire UC Berkeley Berkeley, CA

angusshire/greenhat 1472

:construction_worker: Quick hack for making real work happen.

angusshire/mac-spoofer 151

:black_joker: Script for spoofing network adapter's MAC address on Windows.

angusshire/memscan 110

:mag: CLI utility for scanning user-mode process memory.

angusshire/msbot 50

:maple_leaf: Game bot for the MMORPG MapleStory v62.

angusshire/exams 38

Past Exams for Past Berkeley EECS Courses. Please add more if you have any!

angusshire/rosalind 20

:question: Solutions to bioinformatics problems.

angusshire/cs-exams-downloader 14

Quickly download past CS exams with solutions!

angusshire/daytripper 7

A Multifunctional Laser Tripwire

angusshire/credit-card-exposure 4

Detect credit card exposures with Bro

angusshire/slack-logger 4

Slack logger that sends pretty formatted messages to a Slack channel.


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