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Andy LeClair andyleclair @appcues Medford, MA That's gold, Jerry! Gold!

andyleclair/baby 4

Baby::Got::Bach is a music generator

andyleclair/bitcoinica 2

a ruby wrapper to the bitcoinica api

andyleclair/mvp 2

MVP - Minimum Viable Phoenix

andyleclair/deathstar 1

Visuals for DEATH STAR written in VVVV. Kind of a visualization engine?

andyleclair/donuts 1

a little donut graph plugin for Raphael.js

andyleclair/rob-gordon 1

A music organizer, for the self-confessed obsessive.

andyleclair/advent2017 0

Advent of Code 2017 solutions

andyleclair/advent2018 0

Advent of Code 2018: Rust!

andyleclair/departures 0

A sample app in Elixir to display train departure times