andrewdavey/immutable-devtools 621

Chrome Dev Tools custom formatter for Immutable-js values

andrewdavey/cassette 531

Manages .NET web application assets (scripts, css and templates)

andrewdavey/postal 521

Email sending for mvc using the view engine system to render emails.

andrewdavey/NotFoundMvc 89

Provides a user-friendly '404' page whenever a controller, action or route is not found in your ASP.NET MVC3 application. A view called NotFound is rendered instead of the default ASP.NET error page.

andrewdavey/immutable-object 29

JavaScript immutable object

andrewdavey/knapsack 24

Project moved to

andrewdavey/Bandage 12

Dynamically add properties to classes. Ideal for view models in mvc.

andrewdavey/coffeescript-vs 12

Visual Studio support for the wonderful CoffeeScript language

andrewdavey/gulp-typescript 10

Compile TypeScript to JavaScript

andrewdavey/expresscss 9

Automatically reload stylesheets in all web browsers as soon as a CSS file changes


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Address aggressive truncation in Scope panel

Thanks for the contribution!

Merged and published v0.1.5 to npm


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Andrew Davey

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Bump to v0.1.5

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Dakota Bassett

commit sha 3808eb7223aeb416a633c76543daa06915bec0a3

Add position relative to work around aggressive truncation

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Dakota Bassett

commit sha 47a42759209669f9c4f58d08b12e14520f15af30

Remove extra position: relative

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Dakota Bassett

commit sha 4742dc79974e8ae0af228bed311be8e7699fb58a


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Andrew Davey

commit sha 52a155981992212c353637ba18a384cbe57687bb

Merge pull request #38 from dbassett17/fix-truncation Address aggressive truncation in Scope panel

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PR merged andrewdavey/immutable-devtools

Address aggressive truncation in Scope panel


At some point in the last few months an update to Chrome has made the extension start to truncate anything in the Scope panel that's larger than the panel. I'm not really sure what this change was and after spending a few hours looking for it I found nothing obvious in the Chrome changelogs.

I was able to fix this issue by adding position: relative to the top level span elements which effectively just ignores the wrapping elements truncation rules. The ellipsis still appears on top of the carrot but it's a minor issue compared to the data not showing up at all. I tried a bunch of other solutions and couldn't get anything to work quite as well as the position: relative so if anyone else has any suggestions I'd be happy to look into them

I think it used to cut off the record at the end of the line instead of wrapping it around to the next line which could be slightly concerning for larger records so if you think that's an issue I can look into ways to fix it.

I ran the test page and didn't see any regressions in my testing


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