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andoriyu/cargo-suity 11

This tool helps you automate testing of you rust application on CI.

andoriyu/cv 1

my cv

andoriyu/gazpacho 1

ZFS Backup service

andoriyu/actix 0

Actor framework for Rust

andoriyu/actix-net 0

framework for composable networking services

andoriyu/actix-web 0

Actix web is a small, pragmatic, and extremely fast rust web framework.

andoriyu/alx-freebsd 0

A port of Linux's alx driver for new Qualcomm Atheros ethernet NICs

andoriyu/appfigures-ng 0

Ruby client library for AppFigures API v2

andoriyu/apple_epf 0

Downloader, Extractor and Parser for Apple Epf Affiliate files


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Tracking issue for libtest JSON output

Are people happy with cargo test -- -Zunstable-options --format json ? Should we be looking to stabilse this argument? (I notice rustc calls the same argument --message-format)

I'm using it in my cargo-suity that I use to generate junit reports. Obviously, I'd rather eliminate my shim and just have cargo generate jUnit output, but json output is "okay, I guess" alternative. That said, current output is not easy to consume for my needs.


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Andrey Cherkashin

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