Anton Kolomiychuk akolomiychuk Purrweb Russia, Omsk

akolomiychuk/cancancan 0

Continuation of CanCan, the authorization Gem for Ruby on Rails.

akolomiychuk/capybara-screenshot 0

Automatically save screen shots when a Capybara scenario fails

akolomiychuk/jira-ruby 0

A Ruby gem for the JIRA 5 REST API

akolomiychuk/must_read 0

Useful articles

akolomiychuk/odesk-jobfetch 0

Small tool for getting Odesk jobs from on-site search

akolomiychuk/odesk-jobnotifier 0

Get real-time notifications about new jobs on Odesk on your Mac

akolomiychuk/rails 0

Ruby on Rails

akolomiychuk/rails-bootstrap-forms 0

rails-bootstrap-forms is a Rails form builder that makes it super easy to create beautiful-looking forms with Twitter Bootstrap 3+. Wraps the standard Rails form helpers so it's practically a drop-in replacement.

akolomiychuk/story_branch 0

Quickly create a feature branch based on the active stories in your PivotalTracker project