Sasha Aickin aickin San Francisco, CA

aickin/react-dom-stream 2006

A streaming server-side rendering library for React.

aickin/react-server-perf-tricks 94

The benchmark code to go with the "Speed Up Your React Server With These 6 Weird Tricks" talk

aickin/react-16-ssr-perf 75

Simple SSR perf test for React 15 vs. React 16

aickin/react-dom-stream-example 54

An example project for react-dom-stream

aickin/functional-react 25

An experiment in making a functional API for React components

aickin/react 14

A fork of Facebook's React that supports streaming server-side rendering

aickin/react-raw-html 10

React components that embed raw HTML; syntactic sugar for dangerouslySetInnerHTML