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afrimberger/okularplugin 5

KParts-based Okular plugin for Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome

afrimberger/puppet-aerospike 1

Puppet module to deploy and manage aerospike NoSQL database cluster

afrimberger/puppet-aws 1

Puppet Helpers for AWS

afrimberger/ansible-fail2ban 0

Ansible role to install and configure fail2ban on a host

afrimberger/ansible-modules-hashivault 0

Ansible module for Hashicorp Vault.

afrimberger/bareos_zabbix_integration 0

Scripts and template to integrate bacula/bareos with zabbix.

afrimberger/bind-adblock 0

Use the BIND DNS server to block ads

afrimberger/calibre-web 0

:books: Web app for browsing, reading and downloading eBooks stored in a Calibre database


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fork r3kzi/helm-unittest

BDD styled unit test framework for Kubernetes Helm charts as a Helm plugin.

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