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Adriano D.G. adriano-di-giovanni Freelancer Rome, Italy Focused on improving. Full stack developer. OSS enthusiast. Javascript, Node.js, MySQL, Redis, iOS, Android, Unity. ❤️ guitar, singing, archery, climbing, yoga.

adriano-di-giovanni/cordova-plugin-enable-multidex 22

Enable Multidex for Cordova Android apps with over 64K methods

adriano-di-giovanni/accurate-timer-js 8

An accurate javascript timer for the browser

adriano-di-giovanni/cordova-plugin-shared-preferences 7

Shared preferences for Cordova. Save and retrieve persistent key-value pairs of any Javascript data type.

adriano-di-giovanni/bjorklund-js 5

A Javascript Universal Module implementation of the Bjorklund algorithm

adriano-di-giovanni/ansible-role-consul-tls 1

Ansible role for generating self-signed OpenSSL certificates to be used by Consul for RPC encryption with TLS

adriano-di-giovanni/cordova-plugin-ITSAppUsesNonExemptEncryption 1

Add export compliance information to apps using exempt encryption only

adriano-di-giovanni/cordova-plugin-key-hash 1

Cordova plugin to generate and retrieve application key hashes from signatures.

adriano-di-giovanni/cordova-plugin-LSApplicationQueriesSchemes 1

Dynamically specify the URL schemes the app is able to test using the canOpenURL: method of the UIApplication class

adriano-di-giovanni/ansible-playbooks-macos 0

Ansible playbooks to provision my macOS workstation

adriano-di-giovanni/ansible-role-consul 0

Ansible role for Consul

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release drwpow/openapi-typescript


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release supabase/supabase


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issue openedadriano-di-giovanni/yinjs

I made a notebook on observablehq

I also added a simple visualization of the result.

Maybe you want to link to it from your readme, so people can test yinjs without cloning and running your example offline.

Thanks for the nice library!

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issue commentadriano-di-giovanni/cordova-plugin-shared-preferences



var sharedPreferences = window.plugins.SharedPreferences.getInstance()

In this line, an error is,

-> Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'SharedPreferences' of undefined at HTMLDocument.<anonymous> (authentication.js:2) at e (jquery.min.js:2) at t (jquery.min.js:2)


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created repositorygiggioz/test


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issue commentadriano-di-giovanni/cordova-plugin-shared-preferences


npm install cordova-plugin-awesome-shared-preferences leads to this error. Next time run cordova plugins add cordova-plugin-awesome-shared-preferences instead.


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release chatwoot/chatwoot


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fork aliitotz/cordova-plugin-permission

Verify and request grants for Android app permissions.

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created repositorykhanlou/BigInt

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