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Aaron Cepukas acepukas Peterborough, Ontario, Canada

acepukas/asteroids 1

Just an Asteroids clone I am working on as a hobby. Uses HTML5 Canvas mainly.

acepukas/dotfiles 1

The repo name says it all!

acepukas/vim-zenburn 1

Contains Vim color scheme zenburn as well as a zenburn color scheme for the vim plugin "lightline"

acepukas/weatherapp 1

This is a weather app I made for Verold!

acepukas/essence 0

Virtual file system generator for Go web applications

acepukas/gen-jsdoc-func-doc 0

Generatie JSDoc function documentation with a key command

acepukas/pygments-markdown-highlighter 0

Pygments code highlighter for Markdown formatted posts in Wordpress

acepukas/vim-cpp 0

C++ specific configuration that I don't want cluttering up my .vimrc

acepukas/vim-handlebars-conf 0

Extended Vim configuration for handlebars compatibility with other plugins

acepukas/vim-qsearch 0

Vim plugin for quick searching recursively bellow current working directory.