Fuad Kamal abunur Anaara LLC Maryland I provide mobile strategy and development for the Health and Fitness market.

phatblat/360iDev-Slides 70

A collection of links to slide decks and source code from talks at 360|iDev

abunur/networking_tutorial 2

Kotlin Networking Tutorial

abunur/Companies-that-Use-Swift 1

List of companies that are 100% Swift for their iOS applications

abunur/eidolon 1

The Artsy Auction Kiosk App

abunur/Alamofire 0

Elegant HTTP Networking in Swift

abunur/AndroidBasicConstraints 0

Basic Constraints Tutorial Project for

abunur/AndroidConstraintsTutorial 0

Sample project for RW Constraints Tutorial

abunur/AndroidNetworkingTutorial 0

Update of my Networking tutorial. This update includes coroutines support.

abunur/earthtotable 0

kotlin app for final project -CMSY169

push eventabunur/The-Kotlin-Book

Fuad Kamal

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android studio automatic change comment with more details aboutr what I did

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Fuad Kamal

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android studio auto changes have no idea what happened here…

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Fuad Kamal

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I made a comment This was a test change to demonstrate how git works.

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Fuad Kamal

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Merge branch 'master' of # Conflicts: # .idea/caches/build_file_checksums.ser # .idea/misc.xml

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A collection of useful .gitignore templates

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