Andrea Bigagli abigagli Florence - Italy

abigagli/CMakeEnvironment 1

Template for a CMake-based project with internal/external libraries, tests, tools

abigagli/MacSosumi 1

Desktop Find My iPhone client for Mac OS X.

abigagli/AFNetworking 0

A delightful iOS and OS X networking framework

abigagli/Alcatraz 0

The most awesome (and only) Xcode package manager!

abigagli/argh 0

"Argh! A minimalist argument handler."

abigagli/boostoniphone 0

My clone from

abigagli/Celero 0

C++ Benchmark Authoring Library/Framework

abigagli/CityRoulette 0

Capstone project for Udacity iOS Nanodegree

abigagli/clang-extract 0

Like GCC-XML for clang. Clang-extract is an AST pass which outputs an easily parsed description of the source.

abigagli/Clang-tutorial 0

A collection of code samples showing usage of clang and llvm as a library

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