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abhishekpillai/go-react-chat-app 7

A simple chat application using GoLang (for the first-time) + React

abhishekpillai/Chicago_Public_Schools_Report_Card 2

Uses to visualize data about city schools

abhishekpillai/CourseResource 2

V1 of an idea I had when I was first learning how to code. COURSE RESOURCE: Find, Collect, and Share the best online resources for your classes

abhishekpillai/college-scoreboard-app 1

A better way to browse the College Scorecard data available through this API: Uses React, Redux, ImmutableJS, and Jest

abhishekpillai/FaceUpon 1

personal project for Groupon using Groupon's and Facebook's APIs

abhishekpillai/first_app 1

The first app for RoR Tutorial (Hartl)


started time in 22 days


started time in 2 months