AveryOS/avery 30

x86-64 kernel in Rust

Zoxc/AntiSpam 3

A RedVex anti-spam plugin.

Zoxc/Avery 3

something resembling an microkernel

Zoxc/JassCraft 3

A JASS2 editor

Zoxc/JassParser 3

A parser and typechecker for the JASS2 scripting language.

Zoxc/legion 3

A Galaxy targeting compiler

Zoxc/game 2

Some game.

AveryOS/rust-elfloader 1

Library to load and relocate ELF files.

pull request commentrust-lang/rust

[WIP] Allow functions to be inlined across crates without an inline attribute

@jonas-schievink If you pick this up, there's still some test failures if the threshold is high (related to allocators). MIR inlining is likely to have a large interaction with this, so it might be less beneficial once we get that working. Also using ThinLTO might be better for optimizing the compiler itself, but that is blocked on LLVM 10 due to ThinLTO bugs,

These benchmarks show that we don't do enough inlining in the compiler currently, and one way or another we should find a way to increase that.


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LNK1189 "library limit of 65535 obj exceeded" building rustc

@Lesiuk What was the error message and did you change config.toml?


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