Vinicius Dallacqua WebCloud @spotify Stockholm, Sweden

bubble-dev/_ 46

🍱 metarepo of many packages and various monorepos

WebCloud/EmberJS-Auth-Example 23

A Emberjs Authentication example through a Rails API

WebCloud/ember-generic-paginator 16

A generic pagination helper for ember applications

WebCloud/ember-drag-n-drop-upload 11

as the name of the repo says, drag and drop file upload with ember

WebCloud/BDashboard 5

A basic and clean, yet functional, dashboard made with twitter bootstrap

WebCloud/content_editor_concept 5

A simple content editor concept study with React.js

WebCloud/Balloons.IO 1

Balloons.IO is a web multi-room chat server and client ready to use. It’s built with the help of node.JS, Express, Socket.IO and Redis. Balloons uses easy-OAuth for authentication with Twitter

WebCloud/bootswatch 1

Themed swatches for Twitter Bootstrap