Tomcc/dojo 26

A simple, portable and somewhat powerful C++ game engine

Tomcc/gameboii 8

A Rust gameboy emulator

Tomcc/acpplinter 5

A small C++ linting script in python to enforce a bunch of "good C++" rules that are hard to check otherwise.

Tomcc/dojo2D 5

Dojo2D is a layer over my own dojo framework that provides 2D-specific features, like Box2D and Spine.

Tomcc/bash_hackery 2

A collection of scripts and hacks that probably aren't helpful to anyone else

Tomcc/obj_to_mesh 2

Simple Rust converter from .obj to my mesh format

Tomcc/dojo-dependencies 1

Optional dependencies repository for dojo

Tomcc/KSP_kOS_scripts 1

A bunch of scripts made for Kerbal Space Program + kOS

Tomcc/liquidfun 1

2D physics engine for games

Tomcc/passwordmaker 1

hacky webapp that makes Base64 passwords from an unique file/domain pair