TheWhoAreYouPerson/soundreloader 1

Simple Minecraft mod to add a keybind to reload sounds.

TheWhoAreYouPerson/better-comments 0

VSCode extension for creating better annotations in your code

TheWhoAreYouPerson/LogisticsPipes 0

This is the SMP version with additional features for the minecraft modification Logistics Pipes.

TheWhoAreYouPerson/WebGL-Engine 0

A basic 3d engine built from the ground up in WebGL

issue commentelectron/electron

Strange overflowing window when maximizing a frameless window

Still an issue for me as well on Windows using VSCode, and Discord; however not an issue with Spotify. Manifests for me just as going past the screen edges, without bleeding onto another monitor. This is enough to miss the locations of things like errors/warnings shown on the outside of the scrollbar in VSCode.

Should note that this only happens on my non-primary 1080p monitors (100% scaling, one horizontal, one vertical), and this doesn't happen on my primary 2160p screen at 250% scaling.

Discord shows these versions in the sidebar on the preferences screen:

Stable 63252 (7138483)
Host 0.0.306
Windows 10 64-Bit (10.0.19041)


Version: 1.47.0-insider (system setup)
Commit: 04203498480e48be84d86f5763e126c7c5bf22e0
Date: 2020-06-30T09:00:22.588Z
Electron: 7.3.2
Chrome: 78.0.3904.130
Node.js: 12.8.1
OS: Windows_NT x64 10.0.19041

Spotify only gives a version in the About screen.


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