Tetsuya Hasegawa Tetsuya3850 PayPay Tokyo BFF Module Tech Lead at PayPay

Tetsuya3850/React-Express-Examples 64

Basic apps built with React, React Native, and Express

Tetsuya3850/Resources 7

Resources that made me who I am as a developer

Tetsuya3850/React-Spring-Examples 3

Basic apps built with React and Spring

Tetsuya3850/System-Design-Examples 3

Basic services for modern system architectures

Tetsuya3850/CS-Terminology 2

Fundamental concepts of Computer Science

Tetsuya3850/ReactNative-Express-Examples 1

Basic apps built with React Native and Express(Node.js)

Tetsuya3850/Digital-Earth 0

A Digital Earth e-learning app

Tetsuya3850/DSA-Primitives 0

Data Structures & Algorithms primitives with Python