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Rodney Norris TattdCodeMonkey @d2iq Nashville, TN Polyglot developer working primarily in JS & TS.

TattdCodeMonkey/genstage_sqs_example 17

Example GenStage producer for AWS Simple Queue Service

TattdCodeMonkey/crc 15

CRC library in elixir

TattdCodeMonkey/gen_event_patterns 14

exploration with elixir GenEvent handlers

dcos-labs/ui-kit 12

DCOS UI component library and docs

mesosphere-backup/mesos-client 5

Wraps Mesos Event Stream API into rxjs Observable.

TattdCodeMonkey/hmc5883l 5

elixir module for interfacing with HMC5883L using elixir_ale

mesosphere-backup/http-service 2

Wraps connections managed by the `@dcos/connection-manager` package into an Observable.

TattdCodeMonkey/bno055 1

Elixir Application to control 1 or more adafruit BNO055 sensors

TattdCodeMonkey/mon_handler 1

Elixir GenServer used to monitor a GenEvent event handler



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fork bitwalker/commanded

Use Commanded to build Elixir CQRS/ES applications

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fork jessfraz/formdata

Parsing of multipart/form-data

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fork josevalim/jason

A blazing fast JSON parser and generator in pure Elixir.

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created repositorybitwalker/uniq_compat

A compatibility shim for ::elixir_uuid when used with :uniq

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created repositorybitwalker/strukt

Extends defstruct with schemas, changeset validation, and more

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fork keathley/mint

Functional HTTP client for Elixir with support for HTTP/1 and HTTP/2.

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fork keathley/beambloggers

A webring for bloggers in the BEAM Ecosystem (Erlang, Elixir, Gleam, LFE, etc), you find it at

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created repositorybitwalker/uniq

Provides UUID generation, parsing, and formatting. Supports RFC 4122, and the v6 draft extension

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release elixir-lang/elixir


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fork mmmries/jason

A blazing fast JSON parser and generator in pure Elixir.

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created repositorymmmries/jason_memory_repro

a little example showing memory usage with Jason encoding

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