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afo/dataXthai 3

4 day Data-X program

JidapaTH/Airbnb2Safety 1

Explore how Airbnb reviews data can predict the safety of the neighborhood

nataliamush/carbon-sequestration-fa18 1

Exploratory work and model for Fall 2018 Data-X project - predicting carbon sequestration.

SumayahR/antibiotic-resistance 1

An analysis of antibiotic resistance in the infant gut microbiome using genome-resolved metagenomics data.

carlosoyuela/Alameda-Shipyard 0

IEOR 135 Semester Long Project

d3nnyhl/foundation 0

Data-X Fall 2018

dinkarjuyal/Energy_prediction_minimal_data 0

Contains jupyter notebook for time series prediction of energy consumption trends from ~4 weeks of data

limclara-sq/dataX-trafficPrediction-fall18 0

DataX Team 28 | Topic: Predicting Traffic Safety of Chicago Streets based on the frequency & severity of accidents

LouisTilloy/deepvu_project 0

Data-x Project with DeepVu