Ruben Dijkstra Shredder121 Netherlands Works on @querydsl. ----- Makes @github integrations, like gh-event-api. ----- Takes pride in his ability to break™ things.

Frederikam/FredBoat 456

A Discord music bot sharing 1 million servers with 20 million users

awkay/easy-i18n 29

A Java Library that interfaces with GNU Gettext and Java i18n Facilities to Make i18n Easier

Shredder121/jda-async-packetprovider 4

JDA PacketProvider that keeps a backlog of audio packets

Shredder121/gh-event-api 3

GitHub Event API Server

Shredder121/ 1

GitHub Developer site

FredBoat/jda-nas 0

Send JDA audio packets from a queue kept in a native library to avoid stutters due to GC pauses

Frederikam/Dike 0

Discord gateway proxy

Shredder121/acai 0

Testing library for JUnit4 and Guice.

Shredder121/ 0

:globe_with_meridians: Asciidoctor project site. Composed in AsciiDoc. Baked with Awestruct.

Shredder121/asciidoctorj 0

:coffee: Java bindings for Asciidoctor. Asciidoctor on the JVM!