Rusty Shackleford RustyShackleford221 SecKC Exterminator pocket sand

RustyShackleford221/OSCP-Prep 541

A comprehensive guide/material for anyone looking to get into infosec or take the OSCP exam

RustyShackleford221/Kernelcon 10

My presentation from kernelcon

RustyShackleford221/Offensive-Security-OSCP-Cheatsheets 9

Red Teaming Experiments / Offensive Security / OSCP & Pentesting Cheat Sheets and more

RustyShackleford221/FieldManuals 4

Field Manuals I've created

RustyShackleford221/OSCPRepo 2

A list of commands, scripts, resources, and more that I have gathered and attempted to consolidate for use as OSCP (and more) study material. Commands in 'Usefulcommands' Keepnote. Bookmarks and reading material in 'BookmarkList' Keepnote. Reconscan in scripts folder.

RustyShackleford221/Penetration-Testing-Tools 2

Great collection of my Penetration Testing scripts, tools, cheatsheets collected over years, used during real-world assignments or collected from various good quality sources.

RustyShackleford221/awesome-web-hacking 1

A list of web application security

RustyShackleford221/commando-vm 1

Complete Mandiant Offensive VM (Commando VM), the first full Windows-based penetration testing virtual machine distribution. The security community recognizes Kali Linux as the go-to penetration testing platform for those that prefer Linux. Commando VM is for penetration testers that prefer Windows. We know that building a Windows penetration testing environment can be tedious - we aim to streamline and simplify this process. Commando VM includes over 140 tools.

RustyShackleford221/jackhammer 1

Jackhammer - One Security vulnerability assessment/management tool to solve all the security team problems.