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Andrew Walters Nugs @sky-uk Brighton, United Kingdom

Nugs/spring-data-mapping 1

Spring Data Mapping Project

Nugs/todo-example 1

Example of a simple Spring / Backbone.js webapp based on RESThub 2 stack

Nugs/aws-dynamodb-session-tomcat 0

Amazon DynamoDB based session store for Apache Tomcat

Nugs/grails-cache 0

Grails Cache Plugin

Nugs/grails-cookie-session 0

cookie sessions for grails applications

Nugs/grails-doc 0

Documentation Project For The Grails Web Application Framework

Nugs/Hubitat 0

Apps for use with Hubitat Elevation

Nugs/intellij-settings 0

IntelliJ Settings Repository

release spring-projects/spring-framework


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