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Nick Roberson NickRoberson Grinnell, Iowa Data Design Engineer at Plenty Grinnell College 2018 graduate, Computer Science w/ Honors

NickRoberson/Distance-Vector-Routing 2

Simple Distance Vector Routing Program in a virtual environment.

NickRoberson/spotify_user_visualization 1

A webpage designed to allow Spotify users to explore music visually. Implements the Spotify Web API, D3, Bootstrap, and other libraries for web development.

fervorarc/PaddleBois 0

Use PaddlePaddle models with one line of code and no setup

lifengyuan/csc216-lab4 0

CSC216(2016SP): Distance Vector Routing

murphymatt/LFC_Features 0

Includes map, additional information pages

murphymatt/SortingVisualizer 0

csc207 - homework 5

murphymatt/TextAdventure 0



started time in 8 days


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started time in a month

fork teolandon/dfhack

Memory hacking library for Dwarf Fortress and a set of tools that use it

fork in a month



started time in 3 months

fork tklinge/haskell-mooc

Haskell MOOC University of Helsinki

fork in 3 months