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Nikita Vasilyev NV @apple San Francisco Developer Tools developer. I work on WebKit Inspector at .

montagejs/montage 1508

Montage is an elegant, open source HTML5 framework maintained by Montage Studio that rivals native SDKs, yet is easier to learn. It offers modular components, two-way data binding, and much more. Join us on Sign up for our beta to build Montage applications in the cloud.

montagejs/frb 206

Functional Reactive Bindings (frb): A CommonJS package that includes functional and generic building blocks to help incrementally ensure consistent state.

montagejs/mr 119

Montage Require: A "no-build-step" CommonJS module system for browsers.

montagejs/digit 105

Montage template package: Contains touch-optimized Montage components for tablets and phones (work in progress).

montagejs/ 45

The website with an introduction about Montage.

montagejs/joey 40

An HTTP content negotiation client and server JavaScript library, inspired by Sinatra and JSGI, and using Q promises.

montagejs/mop 31

Montage Optimizer (mop): Minifies (to reduce file size) and creates bundles (to reduce the number of requests) of Montage applications.

montagejs/mousse 21

The library used by the MontageJS framework to manage the serialization of objects in its templates.

montagejs/ 18

A site for recollecting collections and their multifarious methods.


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release mochajs/mocha


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release inspectdev/inspect-release


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created repositorychriscoyier/static-site-lol

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fork auchenberg/devtools-angels

active angel investors in developer tools!

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release yairEO/tagify


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PR opened NV/CSSOM

Add CSSGroupingRule and CSSConditionRule

This change adds the CSSGroupingRule and CSSConditionRule constructors, and it establishes the prototype chain between these and CSSMediaRule and CSSSupportsRule.

For the updated functionality, it includes references to the appropriate specifications, and I did my best to keep the coding style in sync with the existing project. For instance, I preserved the styling where tabs are currently intermixed with spaces in CSSMediaRule.js, and I preserved the strategy of using new CSSOM.CSS... over Object.create (which is done to support for Firefox 3.6, perhaps?).

For the tests, I verified that, while one test is failing from the current main branch, all the other tests are still passing after this change. I included a comment similar to others for a currently untestable getter.

Resolves #105

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fork jonathantneal/CSSOM

CSS Object Model implemented in pure JavaScript. It's also a parser!

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created repositorymohamedmansour/eth-burn

Website that showcases EIP-1559 Burn

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