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Fix deprecated 'characters' warnings
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Fix deprecated 'characters' warnings

TY but The build didn’t pass, no activity so closing . It probably needs a migration that we might do soon. If you want feel free.


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Shadows not rendered correctly

I'm investigating this as we have some issue on iOS 13 using drawHierarchyInKeyWindow: true (different references in different machines). Seems like layer.render(in: ctx.cgContext) won't render the shadow when the background of the view is clear (so shadowPath is used). If we add a non-clear background color to the view that has a shadow then it's shown


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Testing MVVMÇ concepts with SwiftUI

I did some tests to adapt MVVMÇ concepts to SwiftUI, I think the advantages of MVVMÇ are still valid with SwiftUI, the immutability of Views add even more benefits and change a bit how you can handle things. This is just a test and initial approach to try it out. As View don't have state anymore now you can hold the state in @State properties while still keeping the ViewModel layer immutable and handle it in a similar way as before: State never gets propagated to the VM/Interactor until it actually needs to affect the ViewModel (e.g. saving a form). This tests doesn't really involve the View state but is more about the basic approach of binding the Interactor with the View to replace VMs when the model changes. Now can be done using Combine framework and using SwiftUI's property wrappers that are needed in order to update the View when something changes.

WDYT? @monchote @joanromano @polqf @ilozano (pinging random people that used MVVMÇ in past or present)

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