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Anders Lindgren Lindydancer Sweden

Lindydancer/font-lock-studio 105

Debugger for Font Lock keywords

Lindydancer/e2ansi 77

Syntax highlighting for `less`, powered by Emacs

Lindydancer/el2markdown 53

Convert Emacs Lisp comments to MarkDown

Lindydancer/lisp-extra-font-lock 47

Highlight bound variables and quoted expressions in lisp

Lindydancer/cmake-font-lock 36

Emacs Font-lock rules for CMake

Lindydancer/faceup 32

Regression test system for Emacs font-lock keywords

Lindydancer/multicolumn 31

Multiple side-by-side windows support package for Emacs

Lindydancer/highlight-refontification 21

Visualize how font-lock refontifies a buffer

Lindydancer/dynamic-spaces 20

When editing, make text separated by two or more spaces stay in place

Lindydancer/face-explorer 19

Library and tools for faces and text properties


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started time in 8 days

fork rocky/pyston

A faster and highly-compatible implementation of the Python programming language.

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issue commentLindydancer/highlight-doxygen

add support for maths formulas


Obviously it would be amazing to have complete latex highlighting inside formulas (complete ie with subscripts and superscripts being resized etc) but I suppose it is not trivial to do at all.

Eg in the famous org-mode when you have math tex fragments it doesn't get rendered using the usual latex rendering but with a single face (until you use the org pretty entities something but for me that is too much).

To be honest it would be enough to simply have the @f$ delimiters highlighted like all others since my problems with those maths fragments in Doxygen were usually me getting lost with the formula being hard to distinguish from standard docstrings which led me to some dumb mistakes as writing @$f by accident.

And I think that having the two things

  1. the markers @f$ highlighted the same way all other Doxygen commands are highlighted
  2. the formula itself being highlighted with some different face (perhaps inheriting from the LaTeX face font-latex-math-face)

would be more than enough to make editing maths in Doxygen easy and simple.

Of course I understand that you may not have the energy. Maintaining open source projects is a hobby and some users behave as if the maintainers were some kind of workers made to fullfill their needs which is quite far from reality. And it is understandable it may get tiring. So no pressure from me.

If I were more fluent in emacs lisp I would try to make the necessary changes myself and then just send you a merge request. Unfortunately I'm no elispian.


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fork rocky/mpmath

Python library for arbitrary-precision floating-point arithmetic

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fork ymarkovitch/highlight-doxygen

Highlight Doxygen comments in Emacs, including code blocks

fork in 2 months

issue openedLindydancer/highlight-doxygen

add support for maths formulas


the Doxygen documentation has the ability to include LaTeX-y maths formulas with either something like @f$ \sin x @f$ or @f[ \sin x @f] for the so called display mode. Unfortunately there seems to be no highlighting for neither the @f$ tags nor the formula inside with the package. Highlighting the tags with the highlight-doxygen-command face and perhaps the interiors of the LaTeX formula with some different face would be very helpful

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fork rocky/Carlson

A Mathematica package for evaluating Carlson elliptic integrals

fork in 2 months

issue commentLindydancer/highlight-doxygen

flyspell-prog-mode conflict: Doxygen comments are excluded from spell-checking

I'll try the workaround and let you know, thanks. Flyspell has never been a very reliable piece of software... :)


comment created time in 2 months

issue openedLindydancer/highlight-doxygen

flyspell-prog-mode conflict: Doxygen comments are excluded from spell-checking

With the package enabled, spell-checking with flyspell-prog-mode does not check spelling of Doxygen comments. Neither on-the-fly checking nor M-x flyspell-buffer detects spelling errors inside Doxygen text.


  • Emacs 26.1, Debian 10 package emacs-lucid=1:26.1+1-3.2+deb10u2.
  • flyspell.el from the distribution.
  • highlight-doxygen 20200520.1713 from melpa, commit eec4874e2.

Customize snippet:

 '(flyspell-delay 1)
 '(flyspell-dictionaries-that-consider-dash-as-word-delimiter (quote ("francais" "deutsch8" "norsk" "american")))
 '(flyspell-issue-message-flag nil)
 '(flyspell-issue-welcome-flag nil)
 '(flyspell-use-meta-tab nil)
 '(highlight-doxygen-global-mode t nil (highlight-doxygen))
 '(highlight-doxygen-code-block ((t nil)))
 '(highlight-doxygen-command ((t (:inherit font-lock-constant-face :weight bold))))
 '(highlight-doxygen-comment ((t nil)))
 '(highlight-doxygen-filename ((t (:inherit font-lock-builtin-face :weight bold))))
 '(highlight-doxygen-group ((t (:inherit font-lock-builtin-face :weight bold))))

Do I need to provide more info to reproduce the problem? Thanks.

The package is otherwise tremendously helpful. Too bad that single bug kills it on the spot: spell-checking the documentation is more important than anything else. Anything I can do to help, I'll will gladly do.

created time in 2 months