JonathanHayward/django-filter 2

A generic system for filtering Django QuerySets based on user selections

JonathanHayward/proportional-font-terminal 1

Proportional Font Terminal (Archaic Build)

JonathanHayward/aqua 0

I Miss Aqua: A Retro-themed Maverick

JonathanHayward/arithmetic 0

ABSOLUTE Precision Arithmetic With Arbitrary Precision OUTPUT

JonathanHayward/cfl 0

CFL: A Truly Unique Distributed Version Control System

JonathanHayward/cjsh 0

CJSH, a Python 3 Based Experimental, Programmable Unix/Linux Command Line Shell

JonathanHayward/datamine 0

The Data Mine

JonathanHayward/furball 0

Catch the Furball

JonathanHayward/immutable-js 0

Immutable persistent data collections for Javascript which increase efficiency and simplicity.

JonathanHayward/jobhunttracker 0

A webapp to help people keep track of all the details involved in serious jobhunting.