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AppRent1/elixlsx 0

An Elixir XLSX writer

Joeman29/active_shipping 0

Shipping API extension for Active Merchant.

Joeman29/AWeber-API-Ruby-Library 0

Ruby interface to AWeber's API.

Joeman29/boltun 0

Transforms notifications from the Postgres LISTEN/NOTIFY mechanism into callback execution

Joeman29/elixlsx 0

An Elixir XLSX writer

Joeman29/ex_aws 0

A flexible, easy to use set of clients AWS APIs for Elixir

Joeman29/fedex 0

Ruby library to interact with FedEx Rate Web Service

Joeman29/goliath 0

Goliath is a non-blocking Ruby web server framework

Joeman29/google-geocoding-api-elixir 0

An elixir wrapper for Google's geocoding API