JoeMorgan/3D-Cube-Slideshow 17

A presentation deck utilizing 3D CSS transforms and transitions to navigate between slides. Content is a presentation on JavaScript code quality.

JoeMorgan/Developer-Docs 12

Best practices for interactive development (HTML, CSS, JavaScript, etc)

alvincrespo/backbone-boilerplate 6

Boilerplate for Backbone Apps

JoeMorgan/gmaps 1

the easiest way to use Google Maps

JoeMorgan/html5-boilerplate 1

starting html/css template. so much goodness baked in by default

JoeMorgan/dotfiles 0

.files, including ~/.osx — sensible hacker defaults for OS X

JoeMorgan/draperbot 0

A collection of machine learning, artificial intelligence solutions for understanding the significance of marketing messaging to global consumers.

issue commentdequelabs/axe-core

Add exception for ARIA role="text"

Would love to see this make its way in. Right now I have to choose between losing 9 points in the audit or giving my non-sighted users a sub-optimal experience (my primary page header reads "heading level 1 2 items" instead of just "heading level 1" without role="text").


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