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JakDar/reason-actors-grpc-example 1

Simple example of GRPC service with actors written in Reason, running on Node via Bucklescript

AGHPythonCourse2017/zad2-mateusz-olczyk 0

zad2-mateusz-olczyk created by GitHub Classroom

JakDar/akka-persistence-mongo 0

Implementation of akka-persistence storage plugins for mongodb

JakDar/alfred-mvns 0

Alfred 3 workflow - search for java libraries at maven central repository

JakDar/doom-emacs 0

An Emacs configuration for the stubborn martian vimmer

JakDar/ejira 0

Emacs JIRA integration

release ghostdogpr/caliban


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release ghostdogpr/caliban


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fork snukky/wmt-format-tools

Tools for formatting WMT hypothesis and test sets in XML

fork in 8 days

created repositoryburke/whatever

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release sangria-graphql/sangria


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