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Herman verschooten Hermanverschooten Antwerp, Belgium Started programming when I was about 11-12 years old, from BASIC to Z80 Assembler, Pascal, C, and eventually over .NET to Ruby and currently enjoying Elixir.

Hermanverschooten/csv_generator 10

Simple CSV generator

Hermanverschooten/ext_run 3

Small tool to run external process from elixir that is not owned by the BEAM

Hermanverschooten/actionmailer_i18n 1

Adaptation of action mailer to include localisation of templates and the availability of translation methods

Hermanverschooten/absinthe 0

The GraphQL toolkit for Elixir

Hermanverschooten/ar_mailer 0

fork of ar_mailer gem by Eric Hodel that allows deferred batch sending of emails for Rails apps

Hermanverschooten/asdf-elm 0

elm version manager plugin for asdf.

Hermanverschooten/authlogic 0

A simple ruby authentication solution.

Hermanverschooten/comeonin_ecto_password 0

Ecto type for saving encrypted passwords using Comeonin

release openebs/openebs


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issue commentJ0/phoenix_gen_socket_client

Documentation for version 4.0.0 not pointing to correct github link

Thanks for catching this @D4no0 ! We will ammend this accordingly.


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issue openedJ0/phoenix_gen_socket_client

Documentation for version 4.0.0 not pointing to correct github link

Documentation is pointing to tag "v4.0.0" while the tag used on github is "4.0.0".

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