Heinrich Filter HeinrichFilter South Africa

HeinrichFilter/pusher-parse-cloud-code-server 31

This is a library for Parse Cloud Code to interact with the Pusher REST API.

json-snapshot/ 22

Snapshot Testing for Java

HeinrichFilter/systemjs-plugin-googlemaps 10

SystemJS plugin to load Google Maps

HeinrichFilter/flask-principal 1

Identity management for Flask applications

HeinrichFilter/gatsby-plugin-intercom 1

Gatsby plugin to add Intercom button onto a site

HeinrichFilter/GhostMousePointers 1

See other people's mouse pointers while visiting a web page. This is implemented using Scala and the Lift web framework's Comet support. Inspired by

HeinrichFilter/OnlineProfile 1

The code for my online profile page.

HeinrichFilter/spring-social-samples 1

Samples of using Spring Social

HeinrichFilter/tablib 1

Python Module for Tabular Datasets in XLS, CSV, JSON, YAML, &c.