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GhostAkr/2DElasticityProblem 0

Solving 2D Elasticity Problem with code_aster

GhostAkr/chromium 0

The official GitHub mirror of the Chromium source

GhostAkr/Computational_Tools 0

Some numerical methods for solving linear algebra problems

GhostAkr/FEM 0

Advanced finite elements engine implemented with Julia programming language

GhostAkr/GAMatrix 0

Library that defines class describing matrices

GhostAkr/GelmgoltsEquation 0

Approximate algorithms for solving Gelmgolts equation

GhostAkr/LUDecomposition-VS2013- 0

This is a port from VS2017 to VS2013

GhostAkr/MPI_Examples 0

Some algorithms using MPI technology. Matrix production. Gelmgolts equation solving.

GhostAkr/Numerical_Analysis 0

Some numerical methods for solving phisical problems