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Francis Murillo FrancisMurillo Emacs is poetry

FrancisMurillo/avl_tree_set_rs 28

Rust repository for the my article: Understanding Rust Through AVL Trees

FrancisMurillo/.emacs.d 11

My emacs configuration redux

FrancisMurillo/coupon_code_ex 2

Generate and validate coupon codes in Elixir

FrancisMurillo/a-story-on-functions 1

Yet another functional programming attempt for RCGGS

FrancisMurillo/code_maat_server 1

A quick implementation of a code-maat as an REST API for redux practice

FrancisMurillo/elk.el 1

Just an Emacs tokenizer so I can do some cool code analysis on it.

FrancisMurillo/ex_ms 1

A tiny library to parse human readable formats into milliseconds.

FrancisMurillo/.conkerorrc 0

My stab at conkeror

FrancisMurillo/a-case-for-a-gc-in-rust 0

A presentation for MozillaPH Rust July 2020

FrancisMurillo/algorithms 0

A study repository implementing various algorithms in different languages

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