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Emiller88/dotfiles 19

For keeping all my Dotfiles update to date

Emiller88/doom-emacs-private 11

My private module for Doom Emacs

Emiller88/emacs-doom-community-themes 8

An opinionated pack of modern color-themes, from the doom-emacs community

caominhim/Drink-Mixer 2

Automated Drink Mixer

Emiller88/Awesome-Links 1

An awesome list of links

Emiller88/Crypto-Adventures 1

A decentralized RPG text-based adventure using ERC-721 tokens as playable characters

Emiller88/Crypto-Adventures-Site 1

Website for decentrailized RPG Game

Emiller88/doom-emacs 1

An Emacs configuration for the stubborn martian vimmer


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Itai Y. Efrat

commit sha cab6272623d52171fab57851c37618c18e2b1a7b

selectrum: remove side effect in irc jump function `+irc/selectrum-jump-to-channel` previously modified `+irc--consult-circe-source` in the definition, since `plist-put`, and I quote from the manual: "[] may modify plist destructively, or [] may construct a new list structure without altering the old."

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release vercel/next.js


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Ian Macalinao

commit sha 96b7f556f44c7f7957b58213fa221f91db6e64a8

Dont pin node

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Ian Macalinao

commit sha 952dbd6aa490f3623f1601077cd9462933e7c8fe

Update nodejs to 16

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fork macalinao/rpc-websockets

JSON-RPC 2.0 implementation over WebSockets for Node.js and JavaScript/TypeScript

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A mapping-based pipeline for creating a phylogeny from bacterial whole genome sequences

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issue openedhlissner/emacs-doom-themes

Accented characters not correctly represented in Win10 terminal version

What happened?

Accented characters are replaced by other characters

What did you expect to happen?

Accented characters are correctly reproduced

Steps to reproduce

  1. In a win10 DOS command prompt run "emacs -nw"
  2. Open any file that contains accented characters

Note: a) When running simply "emacs" there is no problem (but I need the terminal version to work). b) In config.el, when I set the doom theme to a theme that doesn't exist, I will get a warning on startup "theme not found", however the characters are represented correctly. However the evil layer doesn't work. c) in gitbash SDK-64, when I run "winpty emacs -nw" the characters are displayed correctly. Gitbash has several environment variables / paths set differently. d) I tried several doom themes, to no avail

System Information

  • Emacs version: 28.0.50 native compiled
  • Emacs distro: Doom Emacs
  • Operating system: Windows 10
  • Installed commit of doom-themes: latest
  • Which theme are you using: doom-one

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