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Eduard Feicho Duffycola Computer Vision Nerds Ltd Berlin

Duffycola/opencv-ios-demos 19

OpenCV iOS demo applications developed during Google Summer of Code 2012

Duffycola/Vuforia-Wall 19

Virtual Image Wall based on Vuforia SDK

cvnerds/demos 1

Various small demos

Duffycola/lasertowerspp 1

A simple tower-defense game using C++ / OpenGL / GLUT

Duffycola/awesome-tensorflow 0

TensorFlow - A curated list of dedicated resources

Duffycola/Deep-Learning-Papers-Reading-Roadmap 0

Deep Learning papers reading roadmap for anyone who are eager to learn this amazing tech!

Duffycola/FlifWICCodec 0

Windows Imaging Component Codec for Free Lossless Image Format

Duffycola/mohack 0

Repository for the mo:hack Hackathon

Duffycola/OpenCV-Tutorial 0

A sample project demonstrating use of OpenCV library in iOS platform