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Drew McArthur DrewMcArthur Hamilton College MA/NY

DrewMcArthur/movie-rater 1

A machine learning model implanting SKLearn to predict gross box office of movies given data scraped from various movie databases.

DrewMcArthur/node-express-server 1

An attempt at a web server using Node.js and Express

DrewMcArthur/2048-player 0

Using recently learned AI to play 2048

DrewMcArthur/ai-trust-testbed 0

A program designed for a study involving participants' trust in an artificial intelligence. This is tested by asking the participant to "bet" on horse races where an AI has predicted the outcome. Researchers will then observe the participant's actions while choosing their bet, as an indication of trust, (i.e. choosing the AI's suggestion, amount of time taken, etc).

DrewMcArthur/causeway-app 0

A small web app that shows the current status of the padanaram causeway construction

DrewMcArthur/cave-game 0

A spelunky type game involving caves.

DrewMcArthur/computational_analysis_of_big_data_2017 0

Repository for DIS course Computational Analysis of Big Data 2017

DrewMcArthur/Coopgamemaking-01 0

The code for the coopgamemaking

DrewMcArthur/ctesting 0

just fooling around in C

created repositoryMightyAlex200/colored-gramby-object-generator

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fork MightyPork/rusqlite_migrate

↕️ Simple database schema migration library for rusqlite, written with performance in mind.

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fork zsawyer/philips-airpurifier

💨 Philips AirPurifier custom component for Home Assistant.

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created repositoryMightyAlex200/GrambysWorkshop

An editor for Road to Gramby's builds

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fork zsawyer/fabric-mumblelink-mod

A Fabric mod that connects to the MumbleLink plugin.

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created repositoryMightyAlex200/white-space

A tool to get people writing.

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created repositorymalonehedges/snapkit-420

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created repositorymalonehedges/cache-too

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