Devon Crawford DevonCrawford Self learning software and electrical engineering. Filming the process on YouTube

DevonCrawford/Video-Editing-Automation 856

Toolkit of algorithms to automate the video editing process

DevonCrawford/LED-Music-Visualizer 366

Create a realtime LED audio waveform based on the pitch and volume with Arduino

DevonCrawford/Timelapse-Auto-Ramp-Photoshop-Plugin 288

Analyze RAW images from a timelapse, and auto - ramp the exposure for manual changes of camera settings. The best way to achieve amazing results in difficult lighting.

DevonCrawford/A-Pathfinding-Visualization 241

First attempt at an efficient pathfinding algorithm in Java. I made this visualization to show the beauty of pathfinding. You can modify all major features of my algorithm through the graphics interface.

DevonCrawford/Personal-Website 165

Node js version of my personal website. This is still in early development and is not the live version of the site.

DevonCrawford/YouTube-Descriptions-Updater 72

Sign in with YouTube to batch process your video descriptions through six string replacement functions. Useful for updating social media, links or any repetitive information

DevonCrawford/Air-Conditioner-Arduino 32

When your AC doesn't work.. make one with arduino!!

DevonCrawford/A-Pathfinding-in-C-command-line 31

Recreation of my A* pathfinding algorithm except this time in C! Instead of a graphics interface this is meant to run on the command line and analyze a maze given by a .txt file

DevonCrawford/FastLED 16

The main FastLED library (successor to FastSPI_LED). Please direct questions/requests for advice to the reddit community - - we'd like to keep issues to just tracking bugs/enhancements/tasks. *NOTE* major library work is currently on hold

DevonCrawford/Stepper-Motor-Controller 13

Using an arduino, it is fairly simply to design a circuit with a H-bridge and have full control over the stepper motor by controlling the four pins.