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Darren Zhao DarryQueen United States

DarryQueen/Khan-Burmese 4

Our software solution for Khan Academy's Myanmar Community translation system.

DarryQueen/Frequency-Counter 1

Simple Java class that returns a list of the most frequently occurring words.

DarryQueen/ScribDL 1

Short script to download free Scribd image-based documents.

mark-craig/engineerswithoutborders 1

UC Berkeley students partner with Engineers Without Borders (San Francisco Professional Chapter) in the development of a web application to help manage the vast network of volunteer and funding resources amongst the various international community-driven development programs.

DarryQueen/blueprint 0

A React-based UI toolkit for the web

DarryQueen/CSV-to-Database 0

First attempt at SQL. Takes a CSV with employee fields and converts them to a database. Also includes some sample queries.

DarryQueen/Dare-Kickstarter 0

Dare kickstarter app. A work in progress.

DarryQueen/DDR 0

Intro to Java final project.