DarkScorpion/Slot_Machine 7

Fruit SlotMachine for Android

DarkScorpion/React-OpenWeather-component 3

React component that implements the basic functions of weather display on the user's location and the selected cities.

DarkScorpion/GeekBrains-Hack 2

Простенький скрипт на Node.js, который прокликивает кнопку "Урок пройден" за вас.

DarkScorpion/muReq 2

Node.js module, for multiple and single request, using Promice.

DarkScorpion/Priority_Queue 2

The implementation of the priority queue

DarkScorpion/Fast_House 1

Programm for build a house using turtle from the ComputerCraft mod in MineCraft.

DarkScorpion/Frequency_Analysis 1

A simple program for frequency analysis of the text.

DarkScorpion/Gravity-Falls-Encrypt 1

Encode letters to characters from the cartoon Gravity Falls

DarkScorpion/Hacker 1

Hacker console (my version) on nodejs

DarkScorpion/jquery 1

jQuery JavaScript Library