Daniel Morsing DanielMorsing London

DanielMorsing/suss 38

A property-based testing library

DanielMorsing/go 25

My sandbox for go experiments

DanielMorsing/rocksdb 18

levigo is a Go wrapper for LevelDB

DanielMorsing/gonzbee 16

Nzb downloader written in go

DanielMorsing/spdy 15

A simple spdy server I wrote.

DanielMorsing/stackcheck 10

A callgraph path checker.

DanielMorsing/ao 5

An acme tool for using the go oracle.

DanielMorsing/Brain 4

Arduino library for reading Neurosky EEG brainwave data. (Tested with the MindFlex and Force Trainer toys.)

DanielMorsing/reckt 3

checks for panics that you don't recover from

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created repositoryDanielMorsing/protogasm-spectra

My fork of the protogasm, using FHT power spectra instead of pressure level

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create barnchDanielMorsing/ArduinoFHT

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created repositoryDanielMorsing/ArduinoFHT

My fork of an arduino FHT library

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issue commentfaye/faye

Address em-http-request warnings about `verify_peer`

I took at look at the chain of events with the TLS verification and I think ignoring preverify_ok is fine. If you use custom roots for your TLS connection, preverify_ok would be called with 0, making verification fail. Since the EventMachine code cannot know what kind of verification the user might do, it has to blindly pass it to the implementer.

em-http-request passes the certificate back into OpenSSL. It is a bit strange, especially since it's serialising to PEM and being called multiple times, but overall, I believe the verification is sound.

As for the larger issue, I think we should enable verify_peer by default.


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Daniel Morsing

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make a raw motor command

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